Arelith has an IRC room set up.

Please, use the same nick as your forum login or gamespy login.

Don't forget that forum rules are valid here as well and that ultimate punishment for breaking them can be full Arelith ban (from server, forums and chat).

How to connect Edit

With a client Edit

  • Download an IRC client.
For example mIRC that can be found at
  • Next, connect to a freenode server, you can find this on your irc client or type it in by hand
  • Join the arelith channel
/j #arelith

Over Web browser Edit

Just follow THIS LINK

It leads to:

server is freenode
chan: #arelith

Chat rules Edit

Please, note that severe violation of chat rules can cause a full Arelith ban from servers and all parts of Arelith community.

See General Etiquette on forums.


Dont do it. Scrolling is typing or copying the same line over and over and over.

Creating your chat login

  • Use your forum login as your chat login
  • Using someone else's forum login is DISALLOWED, you are being tracked by ip, you will be caught

Bashing other players Another dont, with them in the chat or not.

Failing to follow these rules will result in both a chatroom and forum ban, the incident reported to Jjjerm which can very well cause a full Arelith ban.

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