When remaking your character, you can do one of these:

  • Fresh Start: Remake with a slightly different name. No transfer of items, gold or properties is allowed.
  • Remake with same name AFTER you use -delete_character command. You will keep the same bank account, shop, quarters, portals, etc.
  • Ask a DM to delevel you to any level you want. Those levels will not be refunded.

Longer explanations Edit


You can ask a DM for assistance with deleveling, but you will be not getting the removed EXP back. There are several ways how to delevel by yourself:

  • You can use the Book of Deities for removal of EXP. Just change god enough times at a 500xp penalty each time.
  • Go on daring raids, die and respawn.
  • Spent gold on enchanting items with very little chance of success.

DM Deli: "If you are not happy with your character and want to start over, go ahead but are no refunds. This goes for quarters and gold as well."

Note, that transfer of items or gold between any of your characters is also not permitted.

Remake with same nameEdit

Mithreas: "So long as you use -delete_character first, it's fine. having two active characters with the same name can cause a -lot- of bad stuff. But starting with a new char with the same name as one you've previously played is OK, so long as you never ever play the old copy again. Hence, -delete_character."

Deleting a character keeps a record of that character around, so creating a new one will restore all the persistent stuff that's not normally stored (bank, portals, quarter, etc). If you want to start over entirely though, you must use a different name.

Names of remade characters Edit

If you make a new character it is very important to alter the name a bit (like adding turning Carlos to Cárlos or the like). For renaming on most servers you can add a space, but this is NOT the case on Arelith. You -must- add or change a letter within the name for recreation.

It is Very Bad to have more than one character with the same name, mechanically. Don't ever do it! Use -delete_character before recreating or use different name to avoid future problems.

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