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Divine intervention is something that is part of the Deity system.

Divine intervention is something that happens on a chance based upon the current Power and Presence of your chosen deity. When the percentages are high enough, you will have a chance that your chosen Deity will decide to save you from death.

Both Prays and God Raises are draining the power of God.

Another bonus to choosing a Supported Deity is the Pray function.


Praying can be done by using the emote *prays*. This will force your character to kneel, and will give you a random effect, based on the Power and Presence of whatever deity you've picked. Below are a few of the effects:

  • A small, temporary, bonus (+1 or +2) to your attributes.
  • A large, temporary, bonus (+2 or +3) to your attributes.
  • Healing.
  • Cure Disease/Cure Poison. (Only occurs if diseased/poisoned, and then almost always occurs)
  • Restoring your Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue percentages (if one of them drops to the point where you incur a penalty).
  • Nothing.

A successful prayer will sap some of your deity's power and bestow you with one of the bonuses above. You can also use the *prays* emote in combat for some different effects:

  • Healing.
  • Smiting of enemies. (A good 100-200 damage dealt to hostile creatures around you. PC's can make a save against this)
  • Nothing.

Regardless of success, a combat-prayer will cost you a percentage of your experience points.

*Prays* can only be used every so often, so use it wisely.

God raise Edit

When a character is killed, sometimes deity will intervene and provides immediate raise with short Sanctuary for own worshipers.

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