The Nomad is a famous inn located in Cordor, Island of Arelith. Many adventurers meet up inside The Nomad, before going to battle against hordes of creatures. The Nomad is a wonderful place if you want to tell tales and stories, or even just listen to advices and tales. Retired adventurers make The Nomad their home. These retired adventurers can tell you many tales and good advices. Feel free…

The Nomad is located between the Merchant District and the Upper Cordor district and the inn can be entered from either districts. Both accesses are used often, but the Merchant District access is used most frequently, since people always are around the Merchant District. Outside of the entry to The Nomad, there are benches that customers can use, while they are enjoying their breakfast, dinner or even a drink.

The Nomad was the first and is the largest inn in Cordor, and therefore the most attractive inn. You will find The Nomad a busy, but also a quiet place to rest and relax. Are you looking for a party? The Nomad management are so friendly, so arranging a party will not be difficult for you. The Nomad offers a lot of entertainment; bards, singers and performers often make their way into The Nomad. The Nomad is a perfect place to meet new people. Many friendships have been bonded, loves connected together and enemies reconciled. You will not be bored, because inside The Nomad, every day is a new and different day. Perhaps you will find a new friend, or the love of your life, or a perfect trader, or maybe a phenomenal storyteller? Who knows? Inside The Nomad, everything is possible.

Rooms downstairs are free to use and rooms upstairs can be rented. The inn is always clean and tidy, even if customers may get a little too tipsy and break something; The Nomad staff management is always quick to help you standing on your feet. The management are always friendly and will always be there to assist you. Make sure you leave a little tip for them.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by The Nomad now and you will experience something different.

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