DM Watchtower: "No telepathy, for any reason, ever."

Player: "I sense a disturbance in the force . . . our comrade is in trouble 40 miles from here, we must rush to his aid! Hey, wait, why did I just lose three levels?!"
DM: "How'd you know that your buddy was in trouble?"
Player: "See, we're so close that we share this unbreakable bond and can sense when-" *loses three move levels*
DM: "How'd you know that your buddy was in trouble?"
Player: "He sent me a tell..."
DM: "Any more questions?"

Sorry, that doesn't fly here. If your character doesn't know or find out about something in character, they can't react or respond to it in character, and anything else isn't role playing. Rationalizing it as some kind of psychic power or special bond (which I can assure you, you do not have) will just amuse us while we hit the smite button. Don't send tells like, "I'm being attacked, come quick" or, "I'm dead, go get my body," and don't go help when your character should be clueless.

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